Welcome To My Page

well what do i say i made this blanket in a way that i would learn something from it and i learn some of the stitches because after all i am a beginner trying to fit in with the rest of the creative people and well i have in a way, thinking about it crochet has changed me as a person because i want to make more things my mind is on fire every minute of the day, when i have a idea it wont go away it just stay in my mind till i can be asked to do it i notice that!! i brought all this wool from black sheep wool and well i wasn’t impressed with it but oh well, i don’t have a clue what to make it would be helpful if i have some idea’s!! I am really scared about making a hat or a headband because i never done it before and i’m still learn about crochet and the patterns because some are from the USA and the hooks and the wool r different, Might need help. so i made this blog to stop worried about stupid things maybe it would help if i write everything down be like my mum she got a diary she write about everything night and day!

 hope you enjoy my blog