I’ve recently learnt to crochet and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT!! for me crochet is my freedom

1004900_488740414547432_103799848_n I didn’t know what a granny square was till i did a course about craft’s and in that course was crochet so for my course work i had to make a granny square but i have some help doing it at the beginner.

granny square this is my second granny square i had to go to my local shop to get instructions how to make a granny square instead they sat me down and shown me how to do the stitches so i think i learn alot that day.

935956_506422006112606_647848494_n so i fell in love with crochet when i went to Canterbury to see my aunt and her friend. i brought some wool and well i wanted to make something i be proud of so i though i would make a blanket i could practice my stitches.

998236_506422236112583_904808885_n This is my other practice blanket am doing i aint finish it added another colour to the blanket.

1098338_495879703833503_1258631975_n this is something i did the other night, when i started i though it would be a never ended granny square blanket but i didn’t have enough wool.

942725_490375404383933_2124454887_n I think this is my chunky blanket using single and treble crochet still doing it i been told people like the colours.

1375836_519918111429662_3495981_nthis is a granny square blanket i love the colours and it getting bigger each time i do it. Its so beautiful!!

1234907_519916661429807_2058286976_n I made this for my mummy so its a spider web vase mat, its beautiful i love the colours

1380126_521383804616426_660832257_n i been lately been making a lampshade cover for my mum as the lampshade is dull and she wanted a lampshade cover.


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