About Me

All About Harriet-Rose
15636_499449436809863_969162146_n What can i say there is only a couple of things you need to know about me!!!

  • My name is Harriet-Rose but you can call me Harriet.
  • Am from that big place called united kingdom then i live in that big city called London!!
  • I’m 23 yeah i know i don’t look it but i am it saying it on my passport.
  • I am a part time student love learning new skills
  • I have a rare disability but i look normal so it don’t matter
  • Love being creative making things is my world.
  • I love horse riding
  • Love crochet its my world it has changed me in many ways, when i have a idea i just want to make it and be proud of my work.
  • Horses and elephants are my favorite animal!
  • I been to swim with dolphins
  • My goals are to learn how to knit
  • Favorite colour is pink
  • Favorite music is slow jams


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